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If you’ve never purchased a home before, beware the “Realtorspeak” that may leave you bewildered. BUT…We’re here to help!


For the uninitiated, there are a lot of words and terminology that those with experience in the real estate industry Your home loan options.take for granted. This language can be confusing, and is sometimes referred to as “Realtorspeak.”

Add to that the marketing “Realtorspeak” that can lend itself on occasion to make a home appear much better in an ad piece than it actually might be. Let’s start with a few of those first.

Marketing Realtorspeak Glossary

Curb Appeal

Used in real estate ads to bolster the fact that the listing in question looks great from the street. What does the rest of the house look like? You may need to use your imagination!

Quaint Charmer

Could possibly mean that the interior is so over-decorated with lace, knick knacks, flowered wallpaper, and overstuffed furniture that you may have a tough time actually getting through the home.

Sold “As Is”

Means: Sold as is!

Needs TLC

Sometimes used as a clever way of saying “Bring your sledgehammer.”

Now, for a few serious Realtorspeak phrases that you should familiarize yourself with before we write your offer.


Principle, Interest, Taxes and Insurance. This would encompass what will be the whole cost of your monthly mortgage when including property taxes and insurance. Yes, you do have a choice whether you want to include the latter two into your mortgage payment as opposed to paying them separately.


Private Mortgage Insurance. Most lenders will require this for buyers who purchase a home with no (or very low) money down. This fee would be added to your mortgage payment, and can be cancelled once the value of your home exceeds 80% of its loan value.


Lenders use points in place of percentage. Typically, one “point” equals one percentage point.


Stands for Home Owner’s Association.


A supplemental fee assessed on certain neighborhoods outside of your property tax base that helps cover the cost of local schools and community funding. Mello-Roos neighborhoods are spread throughout the Santa Clarita Valley, but not every neighborhood has them. Contact us for more details on Mello-Roos.

Learn more “Realtorspeak” phrases.

We like to speak to our clients without using words and phrases that leave you scratching your head. For more “real talk” contact Sheppard Properties for a no nonsense, no obligation discussion about your real estate goals.








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Sheppard Properties was amazing they helped us stage our house, get it listed quickly, took care of all the details and sold our house for a great price. They even helped us with our purchase to find us a realtor in the area we were moving too and found us a moving service to get moved on a short escrow out of one house into another with ease. We just drove up to our new house and everything was put into place. They really went the extra mile and then some for us on our short timeline and went the distance beyond anything we could imagine. We have sent friends and clients to them with the same results.
Scott W.,