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There is still time to get into your dream home before year’s end.

There’s a myth that the real estate market goes into hibernation mode this time of year. In fact, most agents (Like ourselves) are as busy as ever.

Selling your home during the holidays

Believe it or not, both buyers and sellers are out there hoping to close a deal (or at the very least, get into escrow) before the Christmas holidays roll around.

Buyers should assess their options.

This may be a buyer’s best opportunity to work with a seller who is motivated, meaning they may be willing to work on a “win-win” transaction that benefits both parties. Remember, while their home is on the market, a seller has to keep their home clean and ready to show, sometimes with very short notice. As the holidays near, it could put a crimp in their plans. 

This doesn’t mean that, as a buyer, you can try to “lowball” an offer and expect it to get accepted. However, based on Fair Market Value assessments, we can help you put together an offer that makes sense to the seller, and hopefully get the deal closed as quickly as possible.

Sellers: Buyers are serious!

Sellers should also know that, while the holidays may not bring out as many buyers, the ones who are out there are rather serious about making a purchase. Don’t overlook those opportunities to get your home into escrow before the holidays reach their peak.

Ultimately, it goes to show that there’s no bad time of year to buy or sell a home. Contact Sheppard Properties for more details on how we can help you achieve all of your real estate goals.


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Sheppard Properties was amazing they helped us stage our house, get it listed quickly, took care of all the details and sold our house for a great price. They even helped us with our purchase to find us a realtor in the area we were moving too and found us a moving service to get moved on a short escrow out of one house into another with ease. We just drove up to our new house and everything was put into place. They really went the extra mile and then some for us on our short timeline and went the distance beyond anything we could imagine. We have sent friends and clients to them with the same results.
Scott W.,