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While the Federal Reserve did finally make good on their promise to raise interest rates, mortgages are almost as cheap as they’ve ever been.

It’s taken nearly 10 years, but after a year of contemplation and postponements, the Federal Reserve finally raised Sheppard Propertiesthe rates they charge lenders for money by a quarter percent.

Of course, prior to this, many financial speculators wondered what would become of the real estate industry should rates finally rise. So what has happened?


In fact, mortgage interest rates are back down to near historic lows, hovering below 4 percent as of the date of this article. 

The State of Real Estate in Santa Clarita

Median single family home prices rose by $38,000 in the Santa Clarita Valley over the course of 2015. Not a bad return on an investment! We’re already seeing things heat up in January, which typically barely gets off the ground after the holidays. Many buyers and sellers are taking full advantage of their purchasing power due to the incredibly low rates.

So what’s in store for the future of real estate in Santa Clarita?

As we often say, no one has access to a crystal ball. So far, our national economic outlook is holding up well, despite the small hiccups we’ve had in the stock market this month. This plays a lot into how interest rates may shape our real estate future, as well as the possibility that the Fed may continue to raise rates, as they’ve indicated their decision last month may not be the last.

Don’t sit on the fence!

If you’re considering a home purchase, now is the time to act! Take advantage of this awesome reprieve we’re having interest rate-wise, and let Sheppard Properties help you realize all of your real estate goals. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation.




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Sheppard Properties was amazing they helped us stage our house, get it listed quickly, took care of all the details and sold our house for a great price. They even helped us with our purchase to find us a realtor in the area we were moving too and found us a moving service to get moved on a short escrow out of one house into another with ease. We just drove up to our new house and everything was put into place. They really went the extra mile and then some for us on our short timeline and went the distance beyond anything we could imagine. We have sent friends and clients to them with the same results.
Scott W.,