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Or…How to let your listing languish on the market.

Let’s face it. Even in a hot real estate market, a seller can make mistakes at any time before or after an offer is accepted to screw things up. So here areYour home loan options. the top 5 home selling deal killers you should avoid when you plan on selling your home.

Not having clear cut goals.

If you’re “just trying to feel out the market to see if I get any bites,” you’re wasting everyone’s time…especially yours. Think about it. You put your home on the market with no solid goals, yet you have to make your home presentable for buyers who will go through your property on any given day, and at practically any given time. Plus, it wastes the agent’s time who tries to work within your murky vision.

Know why you want to sell. Consider your options, where you’ll move, what you’ll clear after escrow closes, and get it all in place before you have us put that “For Sale” sign in your yard.

Overlooking that great offer.

Okay, we list your house, and by some strange magic (Such as, we priced it right) you get an offer the very next day. What do you do? Second guess yourself. Maybe you priced it too darn low! Maybe we should have listened to Uncle Morty from West Covina who retired from real estate in 1981!

Or…You can take a close look at the offer in front of you to see if it fits all the criteria you laid out when setting your home selling goals. The idea is to sell your home at the price that works for you.

OR…Taking that offer that looks too good to be true.

You get a full price offer from a buyer who puts little to no good faith deposit in with his purchase contract, and he has a 100% financed, no down loan that he HOPES to get, although he hasn’t sent along any documentation that shows he’s even pre-approved, much less pre-qualified to buy your home.

These little red flags are why you hire a professional agent who has your best interests at heart.

Ignore your contingencies.

Selling your home comes with some legal responsibilities to insure both you and the buyer are protected during the transactions. These tasks are known as “contingencies”  in the real estate world, and you have a limited time to get them accomplished before escrow closes. Ignoring these tasks, or waiting until the contingency period has expired, can lead to the buyer balking, and walking.

Getting your own collective stuff together on your contingent home purchase.

Selling your own home while buying another may be a bit daunting, but it’s not impossible. Having your agent to help guide you through a double escrow is a great way to keep you on track.

Ready to buy or sell a home? Contact Sheppard Properties for a no obligation consultation, and we’ll show you how you can achieve all of your real estate goals.


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Sheppard Properties was amazing they helped us stage our house, get it listed quickly, took care of all the details and sold our house for a great price. They even helped us with our purchase to find us a realtor in the area we were moving too and found us a moving service to get moved on a short escrow out of one house into another with ease. We just drove up to our new house and everything was put into place. They really went the extra mile and then some for us on our short timeline and went the distance beyond anything we could imagine. We have sent friends and clients to them with the same results.
Scott W.,